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Generating growth for African children and communities devastated by HIV-AIDS and poverty, through the goodwill of people in the UK and elsewhere


March 2017

Good News from Tanzania

Good News from Tanzania

Today we want to tell you about a wonderful school in Tanzania...

KYGN UK are supporting 'Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need', a school in rural Tanzania.

250 children are given the chance of a good quality education at the school. KYGN also acts as a social service in the area, working with village Chairmen and local authorities to support at risk families. They also have a safe house, where 20-30 children can be offered a secure and safe home while a long term solution is found.

Most recently, they have begun to develop income generation projects through setting up an onion farm, a chicken farm and a fish farm. These will help to make the school more sustainable and we're excited to see what happens over the next few years.

We're proud to have been able to provide some funding to KYGN UK again last year, and hope it will help to make a difference for the children attending the school. We donated £1,800 to KYGN UK, and would not have been able to do so without your support.

KYGN UK are looking for corporate sponsors, and so if you're interested in sponsoring a class for just £1,200 a year you can find out more here, or get in touch.


Donate those shiny new £1 coins

Donate those shiny new £1 coins

To you, it’s just £1.

To some of the individuals we support it’s the difference between having lunch today, or accessing medical treatment.

Click here to donate that £1

Just £1 can pay for a meal for an elderly lady at a community centre in South Africa.

Grandmothers in South Africa are often heavily burdened by the care of their grandchildren and extended families because of deaths/illness and unemployment of their children. They often have no one to turn to and so a lunch club started, to give these ‘gogos’ a good meal and also the chance to relax and share their problems with each other.

Just £1 can pay for someone to be treated at 1000 Hills Community Helpers Clinic

1000 Hills Clinic serves a number of rural communities in South Africa, and provides hundreds each week with access to medical treatment. The clinic runs throughout the week, with a day specifically for the elderly, and another for children and babies; they also hold HIV/AIDS and TB support groups, and run general clinic days. Much emphasis is also placed on educating patients, especially regarding issues related to HIV/AIDS such as nutrition, hygiene, family planning etc

Just £1 can pay for a jar of baby food at a home for abandoned babies

Likhon iThemba is a home for 6 abandoned or orphaned babies in South Africa. They advocate for adoption, and work with social workers to ensure babies can be a part of a loving family as soon as possible. Sometimes that means they go to their own extended families, or they are adopted within South Africa or from overseas. High levels of unemployment and poverty, as well as disease, means that many children are abandoned or orphaned, and Likhon iThemba try to make sure this bad start in life doesn’t affect them in the future.


What will yours do?

Simply click here to donate or call us on 01789 414088


Upcoming AGM

Upcoming AGM

We will be holding our AGM on Friday 24th March. This is a public meeting and all are welcome to attend. Please contact us if you would like to come along. Email Sarah on info@gaga-uk.org or call us on 01789 414 088

Thank you for your support

Baby time...

Baby time...

GAGA UK through your support, provides funding towards the clinic at 1000 Hills Community Helpers, along with many other funders. 
We are proud to be able to support 1000 Hills who run a clinic throughout the week with special days for babies and new mums, as well as for HIV/AIDS and TB support groups, for the elderly and general clinic days. They see hundreds of patients throughout a month, having a huge impact on the local community.

On site, there is also a baby room, and pre-school; a feeding programme and skills development opportunities. 
They do amazing work, and we would be unable to support their clinic without you! Thank you.

You can see more photos to put a smile on your face this Friday, by clicking here.

It's a good time for a fry up...

It's a good time for a fry up...

Join the Alcester Alauna Rotary Club this weekend for their March Big Breakfast, and help raise funds for GAGA UK at the same time.

Grab a full English breakfast for just £5 (or £7 if you're feeling extra hungry), at the Crawford Hall in Bidford between 9 and 12 this Saturday, 11th March.

Funds raised by the breakfast will be split between GAGA and other local causes.

Last year, Alcester Alauna Rotary donated £700 to GAGA UK, thanks to these fundraising breakfasts! This money went a long way in supporting our First Step Right building project. Huge thanks to the club and all who attended! (See below for more information on the FSR building work).

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

We can't thank you enough...

The classrooms at First Step Right are now in use and we wanted to share this short video, showing how you've helped to build a brighter future there.

Click here to watch the video

The classrooms will be dedicated to Richard Harrod, a former GAGA UK Trustee. Almost half of the money needed for this project was raised in his memory. What a legacy which will impact so many children. 
With special thanks also, to those who helped fund this project including the following:

  • Irene Gillies, one of our Scottish ambassadors and her fundraising efforts with Gilbert and Sullivan events
  • Those attending our Meerkat Race Night, 2016 and wine tasting evening 2015
  • Stratford upon Avon and Alcester Alauna Rotary Clubs
  • Marissa Alvarez and Ian Hodgson for Going Loopy
  • John and Eileen Proctor
  • Chameleon and Doreen Hodgson
  • Our wonderful Crowdfunder backers
  • and to all our ambasssadors, volunteers and regular donors of GAGA for your ongoing support.
  • Thanks also to Waldo and the team at Freys, and Martin and the building team.


This couldn't have happened without you!

Click here to watch the video.

February 2017

GAGA UK Annual Return, 2015/16

GAGA UK Annual Return, 2015/16

Our annual return has now been sent to the Charity Commission. You can view our accounts and trustees report for the financial year May 2015 to April 2016 by clicking here.

If you would like further information, do not hesitate to email us on sarah@gaga-uk.org

2017 at GAGA UK

2017 at GAGA UK

We're busy preparing for the year ahead, particularly in terms of event fundraising.

Can you help?

If you're available to volunteer at an event (various roles available), put on your own fundraiser, or suggest an idea for a fundraising event, please let us know.

Here are some of the things we've got lined up for the rest of the year:

18th March - Loop The Loop Challenge Day
22nd April - Bag Packing at Tesco, Stratford upon Avon
7th May - Stratford Marathon Marshalling (TBC - dependent on volunteer intake)
7th September - See 'Rumours' at The Priory Theatre, Kenilworth
17th September - Summer Fete
November/December - The Remembering Tree

You can see more information about our upcoming events by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you.

January 2017



It's that time of year again and GAGA Director Sarah is beginning her preparations for her trip to South Africa next week.

She'll be sharing her experience with you through her blog, giving you updates from the projects supported in South Africa by GAGA. You can follow her blog by clicking here.

Building a Brighter Future at First Step Right

Building a Brighter Future at First Step Right

What a great start this year has gotten off to. Things are in full swing with the building work at First Step Right, but we really need your help to continue ...

Builders are hard at work at the school in South Africa, creating 3 new classrooms plus toilets, from an old derelict building on the school grounds. This will create extra learning space, a place which can be used for the pre-school children, to ensure they have their own inviting classrooms. We are so excited to see the work in motion.

The total project cost however, is over £13,000 and we really need your help to reach our fundraising target. Much of this funding has been raised in memory of former GAGA Trustee Richard Harrod; and some from fundraising events and our fantastic ambassadors. We hope to now raise an additional £1,000 to help with the final costs of the project.

Please visit our Crowdfunder page, take a look at the video to find out more and donate if you feel able. Alternatively, please share this Crowdfunder far and wide - the more people that see it, the better. It is all or nothing and so if we don't raise £1,000 by 15th February we won't receive the funding that has so far been pledged.

Click HERE to visit the page.

In the words of one of the children at First Step Right: 'I like the school because the teachers likes to teach us to work. I like to change something, I would like to put grade 4 to the other class, so there wouldn't be many children'. We can't wait to make these changes!

Thank you for your support in helping us to build a brighter future for the children at First Step Right school.


National Citizen Service support GAGA UK

National Citizen Service support GAGA UK

Last summer, two groups of young students joined GAGA UK for a professional visit. They found out all about GAGA and also had the chance to pitch some fundraising ideas to us. It was a great opportunity for them to see a charity working environment, and also to get some support and advice on their fundraising ideas; it was also great to hear what they had to say.

The students were part of the National Citizen Service and spent three weeks physically challenging themselves, as well as meeting new people, engaging with their community and volunteering.

A different team also visited Compton Verney, who have supported us with our yarn-bombing. They were asked to do some fundraising, and very generously Compton Verney put our name forward.

For the fundraising, the team took part in a sponsorship event - a Zumbathon!! It involved 7 hours of dancing and team challenges. They raised money through donations from friends and family. In total they raised £126.23 for GAGA UK - amazing work!! Huge thanks to Compton Verney, NCS and of course the volunteers and their team leaders for their support of GAGA UK.

Hillcrest AIDS Centre, 2017

Hillcrest AIDS Centre, 2017

At a GAGA Trustee meeting towards the end of last year, GAGA decided that we would continue our support of the wonderful Hillcrest AIDS Centre and their Respite Unit. The Respite Unit is a 24 bed facility which offers support to those suffering from AIDS related illnesses, and this support inclues care, love, hope and a second chance at life.

We were able to sponsor a bed for another year at the incredible unit, and stories like this remind us how important this support is...

Palesa was a recent patient at the Respite Unit. She was diagnosed as HIV positive and was on medication for TB. She grew up in an atmosphere of abuse: 'I was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal and grew up with my father... I was very bright and also shy... I never experienced being a child - no dolls, no toys - we were not allowed.' Palesa's father was very strict, and controlling. 'Once I had done the ironing and put it neatly in the cupboard, they would come and deliverately crumple it up and force me to iron it again. I was also beaten...'
It is the sad truth that those who experience violen and abuse during their lives are more at risk of contracting HIV, for various reasons.

Palesa was admitted to the respite unit in October 2016 when she was struggling with diarrheoa, could barely walk and had a very lowe CD4 count. Palesa describes how she was so happy when she was able to use a proper bathroom at the unit, and how grateful she was for the clothes that were donated to her.

Following a total of 6 weeks at the unit, Palesa was discharged and returned home to her children where her recovery continues to be monitored by the HACT team. Palesa, before her discharge, said that her 'dream is to have my own business ... I want to give something back...'

You can read Palesa's full story by clicking here.


Go Loopy for GAGA

Go Loopy for GAGA

Want to challenge yourself in 2017?

Why not Go Loopy for GAGA UK?

On 18th March we will be holding an Aerobatic Flight Day at Take Flight Aviation in Wellesbourne. If you think you might like to take part, simply click here for more information.

GAGA Support for KYGN Continues...

GAGA Support for KYGN Continues...

We are pleased to announce that the GAGA Board of Trustees have agreed to continue our support of KYGN, through KYGN UK.

Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need is a primary school based in rural Tanzania, providing education for young girls, and also boys, in need of a sound education and a good start in life.

£1,800 has been donated to help assist the school for the year, with vital running costs. This will help them significantly, whilst the school also continue to develop a sustainability plan and look at how they can increase their own fundraising to help cover these costs in the future.

We are incredibly happy to be supporting such a worthy cause once again, and assisting young children access the education they deserve.

Thank you to all our donors for your support - we would not be able to help KYGN without you.

You can find out more about the school by clicking here.

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

A very Happy New Year to all our supporters.
Wishing you all the very best for 2017.

Please click here if you missed our end of year video, showcasing some smiley faces from 2016.

Keep your eyes peeled as we start the year off with a bang with great updates from building work at First Step Right school, and info on a crowdfunding campaign.

Sarah is now back in the office after taking annual leave, and will be responding to all emails today and tomorrow - apologies for any delay.