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Generating growth for African children and communities devastated by HIV-AIDS and poverty, through the goodwill of people in the UK and elsewhere

The Remembering Tree

The Remembering Tree 2017

The Remembering Tree will be returning for a fifth year and we hope it will be a huge success. We're now looking for crocheters and knitters to help create this yarn-bombing spectacular!
We will need 8inch crocheted or knitted squares - they can be any pattern and any colour! (The brighter the better!).
We'll be covering over 24 trees and so really need your help to make this possible.
Squares can be dropped off at our office in Stratford (just give us a call on 01789 414088), or collected, depending on location.
Thank you for your support.
We'll also be looking for volunteers (knitters, crocheters, stitchers, promoters, buskers marketing, and general helpers), as well as community groups and businesses who may wish to get involved.

The Remembering Tree 2016

A big thank you to all involved in the Remembering Tree 2016, from those who helped with knitting and stitching, and covering the trees, to individuals who celebrated a loved one, and businesses who sponsored the event.

We are proud of our success this year; with the Remembering Tree celebrating over 180 people, and being supported by 5 businesses and 3 local community groups/charities. We will keep you updated with how much was raised to help support our projects in Africa.

The celebration of the ones we love is what has brought this project's many aspects all together. Download the list of Remembered and celebrated names (2016) by clicking here.

Donations to remember a loved one have now closed; if you wish to contribute however, to GAGA UK you are able to donate online.

Please click here to visit our Facebook Page and view more photographs.


Yarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqauresYarn bombing sqaures

The Remembering Tree 2015

A big thank you to Sugar Mouse Films, who helped create a wonderful video showcasing how we make the Remembering Tree.

Take a look by clicking here.

Download the list of Remembered and celebrated names (2015) by clicking here.

Yarn bombing sqaures

The Remembering Tree 2015 has to date, raised over £2240. We have been supported by a number of businesses including Citadel Risk GroupBDR Voice and Data Solutions, Go Cotswolds and Guru You. We have also had the support of local community groups such as In 2 Cultures and the local Home Ed Community. We are grateful for all the support we have received from so many people, and it has meant that the Remembering Tree once again, has been something people from all over can enjoy.

IMG 1666

Yarn bombing sqaures

Where does the Money go?

All money raised from The Remembering Tree contributes to the work of GAGA UK in Africa (registered charity 1092028). We support those living in poverty, as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS, in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and elsewhere.

In 2015 The Remembering Tree and our Woollen Winter Wonderland raised just over £2240, thanks to individuals, as well as businesses and groups.

The money raised from last year’s yarn bombing helped us significantly in being able to continue our support for Hillcrest AIDS Centre. In 2016 we sponsored a bed at their 24 bed Respite Unit, and we wouldn’t have been able to do so without fundraising from this event. Hillcrest AIDS Centre, South Africa, provides recovery, palliative and respite care to people with advanced stages of AIDS. Almost 20% of South Africa’s population are HIV positive, the country has the biggest HIV epidemic in the world with almost 7 million people living with HIV. In Kwa Zulu Natal the rates can reach up to 40% of the adult population, meaning entire families and communities are affected. The Respite Unit saw (in just 4 months), 96 new admissions which really shows the need in the area for additional care. We believe they are having a huge impact on people's lives. You can read more about the impact of the Hillcrest AIDS Centre by clicking here.

The Remembering Tree 2014

The 2014 Remembering Tree was a huge success. We raised over £2000. Thank you to everyone who was involved for your support. Thank you to all who donated and we hope you were happy to see the celebrated names printed.

As well as funds, we also raised the profile of GAGA. Through the positive press the tree creates, more people find out about us. A group found out about GAGA in the People's Friend magazine, because of an article on the tree, and raised a massive £1300 for GAGA.

Without your support, donations and participation, the tree would not be as successful as it has been. A big THANK YOU to you all.

Funds raised through the Remembering Tree will go towards our continuing support for our projects. We will keep you updated on all of these projects through our quarterly newsletter. (Sign up This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you don't yet receive it).

Where does the money go?

All money raised from The Remembering Tree contributes to the work of GAGA UK in Africa, supporting those living in poverty, as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS, in South Africa, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and elsewhere.


The income from last year’s tree helped us significantly in being able to run one of our ongoing projects in rural South Africa: the Sithembakuye Grannies Lunch Club. This project provides a meal for up to 70 people, once a week. The project has provided a network for the grannies (and some grandpas) in the community, many of whom are so heavily burdened by the care of their grandchildren and extended families because of the deaths/illness and unemployment of their children. The grannies often have no one to turn to, and for this reason Sithembakuye started the luncheon club, to give them not only a good meal, but the opportunity to relax and to share their problems with each other.

‘It makes a big difference, even emotionally; to feel welcome in the centre, and to meet with friends and with other community members. I come every week.’ (One of the grandpas who visits Sithembakuye).


GAGA UK have also continued to support a number of other projects, which without the support of individuals across the UK, like yourself, we would not be able to do.  We fund a Low Primary School in South Africa for example, so that 130 children get a better start in life. We also provide funding for an agricultural project which has so far given over 300 people agricultural training and mentoring enabling them to improve their food security and develop a livelihood for themselves and their families. We continue to support a rural clinic which provides free health care to thousands every year.

Pictures of Tree 2014 2


The Remembering Tree 2013

The Remembering Tree 2013 was a huge success raising over £5,000 for our work in some of the poorest communities in Africa. Over 400 people were celebrated; multiple businesses supported the tree and every school in Stratford participated.

The Remembering Tree gives people space and time to celebrate life in all its colours and it will be in place for the duration of Christmas and into the New Year.

Making a donation, celebrating a loved one and helping communities and children in Africa are all wonderful gifts, and The Remembering Tree gives you the opportunity to do all three.

Yarn bombing sqaures

How does it work?

The Remembering Tree will be made up of over 1,500 crocheted synthetic wool squares (which are harmless to the tree). Half the squares will be produced in South Africa by women from poor communities to help boost their income and gain new skills. The other half are coming from local communities here in the UK. The new tree will be 'Yarn Bombed' overnight and will coincide with the 1st of December. The tree will be decorated from the 1st December for about 6 weeks. After we take the yarn squares down, the wool will be washed and recycled into blankets to be either sent back to Southern Africa or given to a homeless charity in the local area.

Yarn bombing sqaures

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The Remembering Tree, 2013

The total funds raised by the tree stands at £5,132.75 - Thank you

You can download a copy of the name board, here which has been placed next to the tree.

A place to reflect on all the colours of life – a focal celebration of the ones we love.

Discover what we did with the funds we raised from 'The Remembering Tree 2013'

Picture (R) - The Remembering Tree, 2013. Bancroft Gardens, Stratford upon Avon, UK

HACT logoWe are so grateful for the support of Hillcrest AIDS Centre Trust, South Africa for their collaboration on this campaign. They have been our inspiration.