Nurse feeding a baby formulaThank you for considering a donation, regular planned giving, through a standing order allows us to plan ahead allowing for a more sustainable future for GAGA and the projects we support.  Of course, we are always grateful for a one-off donation, if you feel that you cannot commit to a regular donation.

Whatever the amount you can afford, be assured it will make a difference in the rural communities we support in southern Africa.

Under £10 a month

An average cup of coffee in the UK costs £2.75 and if you can forgo two of these a month, that £5.50 could buy six jars of baby food or two packs of formula to help to feed an abandoned baby. 

A cinema ticket costs just under £8 here in the UK but in South Africa that could pay for a young woman to have a contraceptive injection which will protect her from an unwanted pregnancy.

Under £20 a month 

toddlers smiling for the camera

A medium, takeaway pizza will cost about £16, that could pay for a child to go to pre-school for a month in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa.

A pint costs about £4, so you and a mate,  resisting just one pint a week could cover a donation of £32 that could fund a Community Care Giver who will make a visit to the home of an elderly or housebound patient in a remote rural community in South Africa.