We had a lot of fun at the Waitrose Bag Pack in December 2019 and we met some lovely, generous people.  It's fabulous to have the opportunity to showcase the projects that GAGA UK supports and be part of the local community in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire where we are based.

Big Red Recruitment in front of banner It was particularly great to have the team from our fabulous corporate sponsors, Big Red Recruitment help us out with a team of bag packers for the lunchtime shift.  As a small charity we are always looking for volunteers to help out on fundraising activities.  If you operate a business in Stratford-upon-Avon or nearby and would like to provide your staff with an opportunity to offer a couple of hours volunteering, we'd love to hear from you.  Just fill in the form here and we will be in touch!  You can read about our business partnership opportunities and some of the great companies who already benefit from the feelgood factor of #makingadifference just click on this link

There are so many wonderful and vital charities operating in Stratford-upon-Avon and it is heartwarming to know that the generosity of the people of this lovely town extends around the world and so many people are interested in the projects we partner with in South Africa and Tanzania. 

We have a number of established relationships with trusted projects who, day in, day out, deliver vital, life-saving and life enhancing care to members of some of the poorest rural communities in southern Africa.  People, who have no safety net when life delivers them a blow, like floods, illness or unemployment.  People, who just want an opportunity to make a better life for their families and a stronger future for their children.

Home ruined by floods  Food parcel being issued  

Just such a situation arose just before we did our bag pack in December. Thanks to the generosity of the people shopping in Waitrose that day, we were able to send some funds to assist the relief effort when the Wartburg and Swayimani regions in Kwa Zulu Natal were devastated with flooding and mudslides following a sustained period of torrential rain and tornados.  Over 250 dwellings were destroyed, some people were provided shelter in tents but others are still, four months on, trying to rebuild homes whilst sheltering in the ruins.  In the immediate aftermath there were a number of deaths from collapsing buildings and mudslides.  

As a small, independent charity GAGA UK is not large enough to respond to disaster relief on a large scale but in this case, the devastation was in the homes and communities of our beneficiaries and friends and therefore, we were delighted to be able to support the provision of food parcels and purchases of Maize meal, rice, beans, mince, cooking oil and potatoes were made and distributed to needy families. Food parcels ready for distribution

 The generosity of the people shopping in Waitrose, the generosity of the volunteers who gave their time on the last Friday before Christmas and the global community spirit of the Waitrose Community Matters Team were all enablers to that life saving relief.  Will you be involved next year?