Thank you very much, this appeal has reached it’s target and the funds have been transferred to South Africa. Building has started and we hope to bring you all a further update and photos very soon! 

Zanele Sithole is 48 years old, and lives in Swayimane, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa  with her 5 children, and one granddaughter. She is suffers from dementia, caused by a stroke in 2010 which left her mentally disabled. As a result of the stroke she has limited use of her right hand and leg.

Two of her children are still at school, and the others are older but are not working. The eldest daughter is unable to go out to work as she takes care of her mother. We have tried placing Zanele in a charity which cares for patients with dementia, but she was desperately unhappy and even managed to escape in the back of a delivery vehicle, resulting in her being dumped at a police station in the middle of Wartburg.

Zanele in wheelchair

In 2019 Zanele was bitten by a poisonous animal – possibly a spider, and she developed an infection, which spread and resulted in her leg being amputated. She is now in a wheelchair and her health has deteriorated a lot because she struggles to cope mentally with the restrictions of not being able to move.

Zanele’s sister Pretty was saving money from Zanele’s government disability grant to build a basic house for the little family, but Zanele’s health problems require hospital visits a few times a month for medication and physiotherapy, and the transport is expensive, so the savings have been spent on the urgent care.  

Zanele & family with house

The family of 7 lives on Zanele’s disability grant, and 2 childcare grants, which is barely adequate, and we would really love to be able to at least complete one room of the house for them to live in. The house they are currently living in does not provide adequate shelter. With R5,000 (£275) we will be able to complete one room into a liveable space and the family will carry on trying to save money to complete the rest of the house in time.  

Please help with this appeal to provide one room for this family so that they can start to rebuild their lives.  Thank you