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Pretty Graduates

Pretty Graduates

Pretty started her Bachelor of Arts in 2013, in South Africa. She graduated this year with her degree, specialising in welfare science. She is the first in her family to go to university and achieve a degree. We're so proud of her.

With thanks to GAGA's Sangobeg Scholarship programme, Pretty received funding to help with fees and her study costs.

She cares for her 2 children alone as her husband was tragically killed a few years ago. Pretty also has 5 other children staying with her. She is a force to be reckoned with in her local community. She works for a local NGO supporting vulnerable people in the surrounding rural areas. She is also a mother figure for many other young people who grew up in a nearby orphanage, known as aunty Pretty to many children and adults.

She hopes to go in to teaching and will be starting a one year PGCE in September, with thanks to Sangobeg Scholarship funding. Before then, she hopes to complete a facilitation course which will make her more employable The course takes place over 3 months. In a country where unemployment is so high, it’s crucial to do all you can to make yourself stand out from the rest.

We believe Pretty has what it takes. Could you help us cover the course fees? It’s £300 in total, and whatever contribution you can make will help to ensure that Pretty is one step closer to achieving her dream. If you can help, simply click here. Thank you for your support.


Wendy Graduates!

Wendy Graduates!

We are so proud of Wendy who has recently graduated with her diploma in Cost Accounting.

She has flown through her studies, passing many of her modules with distinctions. Last year she was elected class representative and came top in tests of one of her modules (out of a class of 170!). 

With thanks to the Sangobeg Scholarship programme and Wendy's generous sponsor, as well as your support, Wendy is incredibly happy! She said recently "I'd like to thank you for everything you've done for me. It's my first qualification. I won't lie, I'm happy... Thank you for the opportunity you gave me. I'm more than willing to make you proud."

We're really excited to see what the future holds for Wendy. She'll be carrying on her studies part-time this year working towards her Bachelors Degree whilst also looking for work or an internship to get practical experience.


Tutu's Story

Tutu's Story

Here at GAGA, we want to turn lives around and that's something we're proud to say we were able to help Tutu with.

Thanks to the support of one of our major donors, as well as all our regular supporters, we were able to help Tutu through her university education. Due to the high costs of higher education in South Africa, she would not have been able to achieve her degree without assistance.

'I am one of the luckiest girls who had the opportunity to go to varsity to study and become something in this world because of GAGA... After four years of hard work, I am now a qualified Physiotherapist. Something I have always wished for but back then didn't seem possible due to certain circumstances but because of the support received from GAGA, it was possible. I am now employed by the Kwa-Zulu Natal department of health as a Junior Physiotherapist working at a Tertiary Hospital in Durban. ... I  am really thankful to GAGA and my sponsor. I don't know where I'd be in life if it wasn't for them... There are no words that could express how thankful I am.'

You can read more from Tutu and other students here.

Why we do what we do - In Tutu's Words

Why we do what we do - In Tutu's Words

This week we want to once again, show case one of the amazing students who we sponsored through university (thanks to your support, and that of Sangobeg Development Ltd). We'll let Tutu share her story, and help her to tell you why we do what we do.

"I am one of the luckiest girls who had the opportunity to go to varsity to study and become something in this world because of GAGA.

I have always wanted to do something in the medical field because I enjoy working with people... and always wanted to give back to my community through something that's medical related.

After four years of hard work, I am now a qualifed Physiotherapist. Something I have always wished for but back then didn't seem possible due to certain circumstances but because of the support received from GAGA, it was possible.

In SA,  almost each semester there are strikes in Universities relating to Financial exclusion. Students get excluded because they are unable to pay university fee's. It is such a sad thing to witness but thanks to GAGA, my fees were always paid on time and I never had to face financial exclusion.

I am now employed by the Kwa-Zulu Natal department of Health  as a Junior Physiotherapist working at  a Tertiary Hospital in Durban. I am still hoping to get more deeper into the medical field and actually become a doctor, some day.

I am really really thankful to GAGA. I don't know where I'd be in life it it wasn't for them. Thank you for the commitment, the dedication, the passion that they have in helping this country (SA). It is truly appreciated. There are  no words that could express how thankful I am."

Wonder Woman Wendy

Wonder Woman Wendy

Thanks to your support, as well as that of generous donor Sangobeg we are currently assisting 9 students through various university and college courses. The expense of further education in South Africa can be too much for many students, who have a low household income, and large families to provide for. For Wendy, this was the case. She started studying in 2015 and managed to borrow enough to help her through the first semester, but this wasn't sustainable.

Wendy's mum Goodness, who teaches at First Step Right School, does what she can to support her family but the costs of university education were out of their reach. Goodness came to GAGA appealing for help, and luckily we were able to support Wendy.

Wendy was an exceptional school student, and did really well in her first semester. She is continuing to shine and we are so proud of her. She's studying Cost Accountancy. We're happy to give you a little update from Wendy on how her studies are going...

"Being a third year student is challenging and requires hardwork and commitment. I'm doing 5 modules this semester and guess what, I've been appointed as class representative. This is good for my CV but requires endless meetings. #leader

There is this subject in third year which everyone cries about. It's Management Accounting. On our first test I earned 91%, I was the highest and my lecturer bought me 2 slabs of chocolate. I didn't believe, I asked myself why me and another thought came to me, if not me then who, why not me. And I said quietly 'God you made me something out of 170 students.' "

Well done Wendy. We can see such great things in your future.

Menzi Graduates, but the work doesn't stop there

Menzi Graduates, but the work doesn't stop there

Thanks to Menzi Zulu, who has shared a photo from his graduation yesterday.

Yesterday Menzi graduated with his degree in Criminology and Industrial Psychology, after being supported by some wonderful people, throughout his education.

He has now decided to complete a further year of studies, taking on a Diploma in HR. This will boost his chances of finding employment. A major donor and supporter of GAGA UK (through the Sangobeg Scholarship programme) has agreed to sponsor Menzi through these further studies, and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for him.

Menzi sent this message of thanks: 'I would love to extend my deepest gratitude for the support you have given throughout my tertiary journey. I am still fighting the good fight (education) and will somehow conquer the circumstances faced in the past. I am absolutely thankful for your generosity and continued support. May you be blessed and continue to shape young minds and mold the youth of Africa for better lives. Many thanks, Menzi.'

Well done Menzi!

Hlengiwe Graduates!

Hlengiwe Graduates!

We are so happy and proud to announce that Hlengiwe has recently graduated! She was sponsored through her Bachelor of Education by GAGA supported David Morrison (via the Sangobeg Scholarship programme). Hlengiwe had a wonderful graduation day, (apart from a spot of rain) and is so pleased to now have the qualifications to back up her experience as a teacher. Hlengiwe teaches grade 1 at First Step Right School, and we hope that she will continue to be able to pass on what she has learnt to her pupils and other staff at the school. Hlengiwe said recently 'I was determined to do my best and complete my degree. Thank you very much and may God bless you all.'
Tutu graduates with honors

Tutu graduates with honors

At the end of last year we brought you the news that our first Sangobeg scholar had passed her degree with flying colours. After three years of hard work, and thanks to a generous donor and GAGA, Tutu now has her Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She recently graduated (Tutu is pictured here, in the centre, with her friends) and had a great day celebrating. She is now doing her community service (a compulsory year in South Africa for anyone in the health sector) at a local clinic in Hammarsdale. We're sure we'll see more from Tutu in the future, but for now, we wish her all the luck in the world, we are certain she'll make a real difference to peoples' lives in South Africa. 

Our latest Sangobeg scholar

Our latest Sangobeg scholar

We are delighted to have new student added to our prestigious Sangobeg Scholar programme, which enables students to enter tertiary education, whom otherwise would have been unable to do so.  With generous funding we are able to also assist with the further education and training of professionals who wish to extend their qualifications, but would be unable to do so, due to circumstances and funding. Last year we put 8 teachers through level 4 ECD and a promising teacher continues her studies at university to receive her Bachelor’s degree.

We currently have 4 students at university in varying disciplines which are wholly or partially funded by GAGA and we have another who is currently in a year of industry. Careful consideration is given to those who enter the programme. The Sangobeg scholarship and training fund is enabling great people to achieve great things, whom otherwise, due to their circumstances, would never have been able to realise.

Our new scholars profle 

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