All about First Step Right Pupils dressed for Zulu Heritage Day

Since 2004 First Step Right has operated a pre school in Kwa Ximba, led by a dedicated and passionate individual with a loyal team of local staff.  Many hundreds of children have passed through First Step Right's doors to acquire a love of learning, the early fine motor skills and concentration needed to advance in their education and the foundations of reading, writing and arithmetic in both English and isiZulu.  It's not only the children who have learnt new skills at FSR either, many of the staff have attained qualifications in Early Childhood Development delivery and a couple have been supported by GAGA's Sangobeg Programme to achieve their degree or diploma in teaching.

First Step Right operates with a management team for the NPO made up of staff from the school and members of the parent body.  

How GAGA has supported First Step RightNew single story building for the creche

In the years we have been associated with First Step Right, our donors and volunteers have provided funds to build a new creche building, fit out a kitchen in the main school building, train all the staff to Level 4 of the ECD recognised national qualification and we continue to assist in the on-going salary and operational costs of the school. In addition, teams of volunteers have decorated the classrooms, planted a veggie patch and provided additional support to hear children reading and help individual pupils on a one-to-one basis.