Whilst our educational beneficiary projects are closed, the funds they require haven't decreased significantly as we still need to support salary and fixed overheads. Our healthcare beneficiary projects continue to provide vital services and are facing additional costs due to the need for PPE and implementation of new procedures. They face a loss of income from their own revenue generating, retail initiatives and potentially in the long term from other fundraising streams too.

The province of eThekwini, where many of our South African projects are situated, is likely to remain in strict lockdown regulations while other parts of the country ease theirs, having so far recorded about 20% of all new Coronavirus cases in the country. 

The urgent need to continue to offer enhanced care is likely to continue for some months.  This vulnerable population has high rates of TB and HIV infection so it is vital to maintain accessible healthcare services to minimise the risk of defaulting which could have devastating consequences, especially for the many child-headed or grandparent headed households in the area.

Staff at 1000HCH with PPE

Additional financial support will mean that the 1000 Hills Community Helpers  clinic can continue to address people's ongoing, chronic health conditions and provide acute care as the need arises whilst addressing the new demands of Coronavirus testing, education and referral to specialist care.  The presence of community care givers carrying out screening will assist in identifying early signs of infection and enable measures to be taken to limit the spread to the patient's family and neighbours.  Additional support will help to protect an already vulnerable community, help to keep fragile family units intact and guard against a devastating health emergency.

Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust are also working tirelessly to continue to operate their Respite Unit under enhanced infection control procedures and to maintain their vital community support work which provides essential information about social distancing and enhanced hygiene practices for individuals who are particularly vulnerable due to pre-existing conditions like damaged lung tissue associated with TB or suppressed immune systems due to HIV/Aids.

Your donation will be used to assist 1000HCH and HACT in delivering its critical services during this time and will include:

  • Food parcels, soap, and sanitizer for vulnerable families, particularly child and grandparent headed households
  • Equipping  frontline healthcare and community-based caseworkers with PPE and other essential medical supplies and equipment

If you are able, please donate now! Thank you for your support!