The school at KYGN have been offering homeschooling support since the Coronavirus lockdown commenced.  Children who have no home, or for whom it is unsafe to be at home, are being cared for by the teaching staff.  Furthermore, children with special educational needs are also able to access additional support at the school, with careful social distancing and infection control measures in place.

Recent extreme weather has caused the main road to the school to collapse and homes are flooded.  This has made an already very difficult situation all the more troubling.  We have received photos and reports of the KYGN team's attempt to provide food, water and hand sanitiser to villagers who are in need. 

Anna, the KYGN founder and Director is very hand-on in the community and is striving to help the school families who are in dire need at this time.

The combination of additional costs of cleaning materials and homeschooling resources, plus the repairs required as a result of the flooding and the additional support to school families affected presents a particular need for additional funding to this amazing project.  If you can help, please donate now.