What a year - and it's only August


The last newsletter was six months ago.  How the World has changed.  Hardly anyone mentioned COVID-19 then – and now we know more than ever we wanted to.  KYGN’s year has been a rollercoaster – but as ever, nothing stops them.

First school closure

KYGN, as all schools in Tanzania, closed from early March and re-opened in June.

Right from the start homeschooling began. This photo shows Primary 4 children arriving to collect their work for homeschooling. KYGN teachers gave homes to children staying in the safe house to ensure their continuing well being.


Then extreme weather

If that was not tough enough, April saw Mabogini hit with some of the most extreme weather ever encountered destroying the main road to the village and leaving people's homes flooded.

Road collapsed by flooding Tanzania

  KYGN began delivering basic supplies

Child next to buckets of foodstuff

The impact of the weather was so bad that many people were cut off from basic food and shelter. This photo shows one of the families who received food and basic supplies from KYGN.

To keep the community safe

A crucial part of the deliveries was hand sanitiser, as by then Covid had reached Tanzania.

Child with Covid mask & sanitiser

This photo shows the KYGN team delivering hand sanitiser and sharing information with the community about how to protect themselves from the virus.

  But what for the future?

For so many years now, KYGN has been a shining example of how to rise to any challenge and succeed.  This is true in 2020 too, except the scale of the problem is so much bigger.

KYGN's entrepreneurial work to generate self-sustaining income has been badly hit. Tilapia farming and all the agricultural projects have been affected by the bad weather. Those parents previously affording to pay school fees, no longer can. Tourism has stopped so volunteers and others who have helped are not visiting the school this year. 

Children receiving school meals

KYGN trustee Mandy Barrie told us:

We do not know the impact the pandemic will have on donations from across the World - but indications are not bright. We recognise that many KYGN supporters will be suffering from the financial impact of the pandemic. So thank you all for continuing to support KYGN in the way that you do. Without your support KYGN could not exist.