women sharing out rice and provisionsWhy we do what we do

Goodwill & Growth for Africa UK exists to provide funds to individuals and organisations in South Africa and elsewhere, providing in particular, any support to anyone adversely affected by illness and disease as well as the relief and support of the poor and needy in South Africa and elsewhere, within the meaning of our charitable intentions.

Relief from the impact of poverty for orphaned and vulnerable children and their care givers

GAGA has funded the building of a safe house at the Primary school we support in Tanzania 

We recently welcomed a new brother and sister to the KYGN Safe House. Sadly their main carer, their grandmother, had died leaving them to wander the streets without anyone to care for them. KYGN is now providing a safe and loving environment for them – thanks to your support!

GAGA provides funds for feeding schemes in Kwa Zulu Natal, including a Gogo Lunch Club in rural Botha's Hill

Advance education, training, personal development and employment for children and their carers in rural communities

teachers from First Step Right in South Africa

GAGA supports the provision of early childhood development through creches and primary schools in South Africa and Tanzania and we run a scholarship programme to support individuals through tertiary education and job related training

 I’ve been doing my bachelor degree in early development of the child. I’d love to say thank you so much. It is a privilege to me. It is an honour... to have this degree. My dream came true, I would say. I didn’t know by this time I would have a degree. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here. Thank you so much and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to teach the children of South Africa. It’s my pleasure. Thank you so much. God bless you.  

This 37 year old woman completed her degree in 2016 and worked for 3 years in First Step Right, the low primary school GAGA supports and has recently taken a new job in another Primary school.

Preserve and protect the health of children and their care givers 

Nurse with mother and baby at 1000HCHGAGA provides funds for a primary healthcare clinic and sponsors a bed in a respite unit for chronically and terminally ill patients from remote, rural communities


The funding we receive from GAGA for our primary healthcare clinic enables us to assist our community.  We get a lot of patients who come in on a daily basis needing our help and we do not turn anyone away as long as we have the appropriate resources available.  We are grateful to GAGA for enabling us to help many of these individuals who are unable to afford basic medical care