Remembering Tree Business Sponsorship

For many years local businesses have supported the Remembering Tree helping us to raise over £2,500 for the work of GAGA UK in Africa, strengthening the provision of healthcare and education to orphaned and vulnerable children in rural communities. This support is needed more than ever in 2022.

Not only are rural communities in KwaZulu Natal still reeling from the impact of Coronavirus but in April 2022 they also suffered catastrophic flooding.  This left many rural communities homeless, without clean water or any electricity for many weeks following the floods.  Our Remembering Tree Project supports Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust and 1000 Hills Community Helpers, both of whom established emergency response teams to deal with this natural disaster. 

2022 will be our 10th year of yarn bombing in Stratford upon Avon, raising funds and awareness for our cause as well as bringing together the local community. Our business and organisation sponsored trees show that you not only serve the community with your services and provide employment but that you are a business that cares about global as well as local issues.

As Stratford upon Avon welcomes the winter visitors to our parks and gardens this opportunity to showcase your business 24/7 is a great way to let locals and visitors alike know where you are and what you do. Business and community organisation trees line the avenue of Limes in Holy Trinity churchyard, an area of high footfall for locals and businesses alike.

  • If you sponsor a tree in 2022, locals and visitors alike can learn about your business
  • An A4, all-weather sign with your business details will be attached to the covering on the tree 
  • Your business will be listed on a board positioned next to the Remembering Tree.
  • Your support will be shared on our social media channels and website, and in any press releases.

Before you checkout, complete your business details here and we will be in touch to discuss the design of your business' tree poster.  After you send the contact form you'll be redirected back to the shop where you can complete your checkout.