1000 Hills Community Helpers

The 1000 Hills Community Helpers call themselves "Ikhaya Lo Thando"  which is isiZulu for "The Home of Love" and it really lives up to its name.  For the last 30 years they have grown from the community feeding programme delivered from the underneath an acacia tree  to the busy Community Centre we see today.  The centre is made up of six key initiatives, in addition to the Primary Health Care Clinic, there is a Preschool, Kitchen, Skills Development Programme, Garden and Community Outreach.

The Primary Healthcare Clinic

The Primary Healthcare Clinic operates from 7am until 4pm, five days a week and offers an emergency service out of hours.

They also operate a fully equipped 4x4 ambulance, donated by Rotary International, which is manned by qualified medical staff and on standby 24/7!Ambulance with woman & baby seated and paramedic

Clinic Days are focussed on specific needs:

Monday and Wednesday are clinic days for the ElderlyBabies in pink babygros lying in a row

Tuesday is Infant and Child Nutrition day. Our supporters also provide us with beautifully knitted baby jackets and hats which we pass on so that each new baby can have a set in their "welcome pack"

Thursday is an Open Clinic Day, where the complete volunteer medical staff are on hand to cover all eventualities.

Friday is for the support groups for HIV/Aids and TB sufferers who receive psychological and spiritual support and well as medicine and therapies.

GAGA UK supports the clinic with quarterly funding which covers approximately 25% of the clinic costs.  Between October and December 2019 17,016 patients were seen in the clinic with 329 of them having to be referred to hospital.  Most people are helped in the clinic itself and may also benefit from a series of follow up, home visits by the team of community care givers and others cannot get to the clinic at all, so all care is provided at home. 

One such situation was recently reported to us.  In October 2019 a nine year old boy arrived at the clinic, he told the team that his mother had passed away and now his father needed help.  He was very worried as his father had been ill for some time, was not able to eat or drink and could not leave his bed.  A home visit team quickly mobilised and on reaching the boy's home they found the father unresponsive, dehydrated and in a very poor condition.  He was carefully bathed and taken in the back of the 4x4 SUV to the clinic where he was immediately given intravenous therapy and examined by a doctor.  It turned out that the man had TB and had defaulted from his treatment plan.  Following several follow up home visits and regular food parcels from 1000HCH the gentleman has now recovered sufficiently to return to work part-time and his son can go to school, knowing his father will be there when he gets home. He said of the 1000 Hills Community Helpers:

without the care and support I received my son would have been another orphan

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