Annamaria Kanondo is the Founder and Project Director of KYGN. In 2006 she visited the Mabogini area and was struck by the conditions in which young children, particularly girls, were living.  In a country where most children attend primary school, Annamaria saw that many children in Mabogini, often girls, had no access to education at all. The extreme poverty in the area has also led to children facing severe neglect or abandonment, physical or even sexual abuse.

GAGA has supported KYGN for a number of different projects; the first of five Tilapia Fish Ponds in 2018 and a Safe House in 2015 and 2016

Tilapia Fish Ponds

By May 2018, the Rotary funded pond was complete and stocked with tilapia. The tilapia take six months to reach maturity and so KYGN started to generate an income from the pond by October that year.  If the fish develop well, and signs are very positive currently, the income generated every six months will be around £350. Running costs are very low and security is covered as the pond is located on farm land which already has security personnel. The GAGA funded pond was completed later in 2018 and the funding for the final three ponds was secured from another KYGN partner.

Safe House

Building in progress

The new building opened in January 2016 and by February was accommodating sixteen girls and five boys all of whom have had to be moved from unsafe situations. The safe house provides urgent but temporary safe accommodation but it is in no sense an orphanage as KYGN works closely with the local authorities and village chairmen to find long term permanent accommodation for these children so that contact with the community is restored as soon as it is safe to do so.

KYGN Trustee, Amanda Barrie told us "Construction of the safe house has only been possible through the generosity of GAGA and we would like to thank GAGA Trustees for, once again, supporting KYGN in its vital work for the children of Mabogini."