Following the torrential rains and resulting mudslides, washed away roads and destroyed homes two of our partner projects in Hillcrest have launched emergency response programmes.

Over 40,000 people have been displaced as a result of the flooding and they are in urgent need of clothing, blankets, food and baby formula.

GAGA UK has a shipment due to arrive at Durban on 23rd April, hopefully by then the port will be operational (it was closed from 11th April) but no doubt it will be some time before our shipment reaches the beneficiaries.

These floods have destroyed 4,000 homes and damaged a further 13,500 - proper homes with foundations, made of brick and solid construction.  Just imagine what the flood waters have done to people who's homes were already poorly constructed, half built because they ran out of money or just a shelter constructed from discarded corrugated metal sheets.

People have no clean water and even the streams where they used to collect water are now contaminated with debris from the flooding. People are trying to collect dirty rainwater and trying to cook sodden foodstuffs in the rain. Any clothing or blankets they have remain wet, as the rainfall continues.

The best way to help is to send funds.  Please help by texting GAGAUK to 70470 to give £5 (texts cost £5 plus your standard message rate) or by making a donation to our General Fund

We will pass donations on to 1000 Hills Community Helpers and Hillcrest Aids Centre Trust both of whom have emergency response programmes running.

Thank you