We usually aim to travel to our beneficiary projects in KwaZulu Natal every nine months or so.  This enables us to carry out the essential monitoring and evaluation exercises to ensure we are fulfilling our charitable objectives and to give our donors and supporters the confidence that their contribution is being used to further those charitable objectives.  We have very strong and open relationships with all of our beneficiary projects and our individual Sangobeg students, and the ability to communicate on WhatsApp and Zoom, helps to strengthen those connections but spending time at "grassroots" often provides the opportunity to enhance our understanding of the environment in which our projects operate and sometimes creates ideas for future funding.  We also have the opportunity to visit other, similar projects and to share best practice.

However, Coronavirus travel restrictions mean we will have to complete our usual monitoring and evaluation activities remotely. As we will not be travelling to South Africa we have reassigned some of the budgeted cost and have arranged a shipment of supplies instead!

Selection of knitted items

Boxes packed ready for shipment

In order to assist in the #ActionAgainstPoverty and combat the hardship faced by the rural communities during the winter months we have packed up over 100kg of hand-knitted hats, scarves, jumpers, cardigans and blankets. All of these items have been lovingly made by GAGA supporters and they will be gratefully received at one of the projects we provide funding to1000 Community Helpers in Inchanga, KwaZulu Natal. You can see the boxes packed and ready for shipment and a selection of the delightful jumpers and hats we have sent.

We expect the shipment to arrive in early August and look forward to sharing photos of the community distribution soon afterwards. A big Thank You to all our wonderful supporters, you really are #makingadifference