I was delighted to be tagged into a Facebook post from Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon letting me know that our annual yarnbombing project The Remembering Tree Project had featured in the Church Times with two beautiful photographs of the Holy Trinity trees taken by crafter, contributor and church member, Felicity Howlett. 

Holy Trinity Church Stratford upon Avon have hosted our woollen winter wonderland in the church yard for several years and we really appreciate the additional audience and awareness this sought after destination provides for us. The Remembering Tree is the lynch-pin of our annual fundraising activities and we are so grateful for the support of local craft and knitting groups, individuals and businesses who contribute with crochet & knitted squares, by celebrating the lives of their loved ones or by sponsoring a whole tree.  

Not only does this project benefit the grassroots projects GAGA UK funds in rural communities in South Africa, it also adds to the local community by providing an additional winter attraction for visitors to Stratford upon Avon. A community of crafters produce the squares for the tree panels throughout the year and a hardy group of volunteers stitch them onto the trees, come rain or shine! This is why were adopting the tag line "stitching the global community together" for our 10th anniversary year in 2022.

      Yarnbombing in rain  Holy Trinity early morning December 2019

Please do take the time to read the full article but here are the paragraphs specifically about our project that feature in the piece.

The Remembering Tree, in Stratford-upon-Avon, is in the true spirit of yarn-bombing. A fund-raiser for the charity Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK (GAGA), a tree somewhere in the location is secretly decorated every December with a covering of 1500 knitted squares, half produced by women from poor communities in South Africa, and half by local communities, including all the schools in the town.

It invites donations in celebration of a loved one, and has raised £5000 to date. After a six-week period of display, the squares are washed and recycled into blankets to be either sent back to Southern Africa, or given to a local homeless charity.

Those behind the project emphasise: “Yarn-bombing is a quiet — somewhat underground — movement, and it has its shock-and-awe value. Although Stratford District Council are fully behind the Remembering Tree, and aware of its location, we want to keep it a secret so that you can get a great sense of pleasure from the surprise.”

If you'd like to support the 2022 project, please head over to our 10th Anniversary Remembering Tree Appeal where you can make a donation and a dedication.