We had a fabulous sunny day, after a chilly start at first light, we were able to dress the main Remembering Tree and the new addition to this year's project, the Poppy Tree in collaboration with the Welcombe Radio, Stratford Herald and Escape Arts. 

Yarnbombed tree with poppy cascade

Our grateful thanks to all the crafters who provided a vibrant array of knitted and crochet poppies, some in the colours of particular regiments, to allow us to create a cascade of poppies set against a knitted background.

Yarnbombing in progress

The main Remembering Tree is completed to a height accessible by ladder (and a few brave volunteers!) and we plan to add the stars and baubles and dressing to the higher branches early in December, once lockdown is lifted.  The project is still open to dedications and you can remember your loved ones until 6th December to be included in the publication in the Stratford Herald and on the sign by the tree. 

Close up of yarnbombed tree

Work in Progress signs have been added to the trees and we are hopeful that individuals & family groups walking and exercising in the area will pause to admire the trees and link into our project to support it, as this year, more than ever, it is a vital fundraiser to allow us to continue our support of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural communities of southern Africa. We would like to thank our volunteers who worked so diligently on Saturday 31st October to complete the trees at Holy Trinity, it really was inclement weather but the results were definitely worth the effort! 

Person yarnbombing in the rain   Yarnbombing in rain  Holy Trinity trees  Holy Trinity yarnbombed trees