This impact report covers the period from May 2019 to April 2020; who could have predicted that the world would be so different at the end of this period?

A word from our Director,

Thanks to your generosity in the year to April 2020, over £77,000 has been  granted in charitable disbursements to our partner organisations.  Donations in kind from hand knitted toys and jumpers, to surgical dressings and reading glasses have given joy, comfort and dignity to countless individuals. We’re proud to be a small, independent charity working closely with trusted partners many of whom have been part of the GAGA UK family for several years.  Many of our supporters and donors also have a long history with us and we cannot express our gratitude for their continued loyalty.  The arrival of Coronavirus towards the end of this reporting period changed priorities for our projects overnight and changed our way of working too.  As  we find our way in a world that presents new  challenges, we embrace the humanity embodied in the concept of UBUNTU  and recognise that now, more than ever, this rings true….

                                                       if you want to walk fast, walk alone

                                                       if you want to walk far, walk together

                                                                                   an African proverb

Here's a snapshot of 2019/20

You can read the full report here