Partnership has been key to our survival in 2021/22.  The continuing impact of Coronavirus worldwide, combined with civil unrest in Kwa Zulu Natal. The war in Ukraine and challenging economic conditions in the UK and South Africa. All these have contributed to a perfect storm of reducing income and increasing need.

As a small charity we are privileged to have strong relationships with our major donors and our regular donors alike.  Citadel Risk and Sangobeg Investments have remained steadfast in their support of our mission in 2021/22. and we greatly appreciate their confidence in us.  Our generous private donors form the foundation of our income, allowing us to continue our commitment to the projects working within the community, thank you all of you. The third strand of our income is fundraising, and that has been challenging. The wonderful support given by the Talk Business UK network has boosted funds and provided expertise. Member businesses ensured that our Remembering Tree fundraiser was a great success in the winter of 2021/22.  We also benefitted from support from Rotary and other businesses like Broad Lane Leisure  and Vsnary.  The latter providing hundreds of items of surplus stocks of sportswear and the former donating branded workwear; both of which arrived in South Africa at the end of April. We continue to look at innovative and effective ways to lessen the impact of inequality and poverty in southern Africa. Thank you all for your support!

The key stats are below and you can read the whole report on Yumpu