What are the potential benefits of a partnership with GAGA UK?

Top of the list is a "feel-good factor" when you know that your business is partnering with a charitable organisation that is committed to changing lives in some of the most disadvantaged communities in southern Africa.

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If what we're doing is close to your heart then a partnership with us could also provide you with some great PR opportunities, improve your staff engagement, give you stronger relationships with your stakeholders  and increase client loyalty.  

Are we the right Charity Partner for you?

Maybe you are an exporter and want to open up market opportunities in southern Africa, perhaps you import some of your products from African countries in which case a partnership with GAGA UK might offer a good opener for discussions with southern African businesses.

Maybe you, or your staff have a particular interest in education or healthcare in the developing and newly industrialised world and you'd like to partner with an independent charity where you can have a real, immediate impact on individual lives.  for example, your team could raise funds for a new ambulance and know that every day a life could be saved as a result.

We're a small charity with big ambitions, maybe you're a small business with the same aspirations.  We are meticulous about our governance and transparency and we take our donor stewardship responsibilities very seriously, if we sound like the kind of organisation you would like to be linked with, we'd love to hear from you, please get-in-touch