At Goodwill and Growth for Africa (GAGA) UK we believe that we are stronger together and that sustainable, meaningful change is achieved when organisations work together.  For that reason we prioritise building and maintaining links with like-minded organisations, whatever their size.

We hold ourselves to high standards and expect the same of our partner organisations, requiring complete accountability, transparency and credibility. 

We are fortunate to have a long term charity partnership with Citadel Risk, whose support allows us to make substantial funding decisions that, in turn, provide beneficiary organisations with the stability they need for their medium term planning horizon, in particular at 1000 Hills Community Helpers - Primary Healthcare Clinic

Tony Weller, Group Chief Executive of Citadel Risk explains how the partnership with GAGA UK benefits his team:

Knowing that part of what we do in London has a positive impact upon the lives of individuals and communities in some of the toughest social and economic environments in southern Africa unites the team and adds a purposeful dimension to our working day.  We especially enjoy hearing the latest news from GAGA and enjoy coming up with innovative fundraising ideas, like the recent Brave the Shave.

We have a longstanding partnership with Sangobeg Developments Limited, who have provided the support to enable us to operate the Sangobeg Scholarship Programme which funds individual students in tertiary education and training. Sangobeg Developments Limited Director, David Morrison says: 

It is really great to see what access to education can do; and it's something that we in the UK are too ready to forget as we are pretty featherbedded against the world's ills, especially compared to South Africa and environs.

We're so delighted that orgdesignworks have signed on as a partner and continue to support GAGA with a quarterly donation. We also benefit from Director Richard Lucas' professional guidance, helping us to shape the strategic direction of GAGA UK. 

In October 2021 we were delighted to receive a donation of clothing from VSNARY.

'I’m Omar and I own VSNARY, a streetwear clothing brand from Birmingham, UK. As a brand it is super important for us to give back, and one way for us to do this was by donating our surplus stock to GAGA UK. We see the challenges that the people of Africa have to face, the effects of poverty and the lack of education for young people in particular is something that really struck a chord with us. Seeing the work that GAGA does to fight these issues is truly inspirational, and we are so proud to be able to contribute to that in any way that we can.’

The VSNARY clothing shipment was delivered to South Africa in 2022 and is now being proudly worn by members of the 1000 Hills Community Helpers project. 


We're so grateful to our longstanding partners at Adiuvo who are generously sponsoring an entire class at Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need through their primary schooling. The children enjoy sending video messages to their sponso and we are all so excited about this long term collaboration. Thank you to Colin Stokes and all at Adiuvo!

We’re also supported by Deals Planet - a leading UK voucher code website - who contribute to our general fund allowing us to respond to urgent need. 

In addition to business charity partners we also have a strong connection with two local Rotary Clubs, Stratford and Alcester Aluna.  GAGA and Rotary have worked together on a number of initiatives in the years of our association and we are very grateful for their unstinting support.

Alcester Aluna Rotary Club run Big Breakfast fundraisers twice a year and the GAGA team are always on hand to help out and we are honoured to be one of the chosen charities for this wonderful event!  Stratford upon Avon Rotary have an International Committee who are very supportive of all that GAGA does and they have funded infrastructure projects in Tanzania and Sierra Leone in conjunction with GAGA UK. In turn, we always help out with their fundraising events, especially the Rotary Shakespeare Marathon and the popular annual Duck Race!