Thanks to your support in the year to April 2019, over £85,000 has been granted in charitable expenditure to our partner organisations ensuring 137 children attended Primary School, 360 respite bed nights were provided, 28,163 health checks and clinic appointments were held and over 18,000 early childhood development (ECD) sessions took place. With over 900 knitted items,  200 medical dressings and dozens of school uniforms, donations in kind have additionally provided comfort and dignity to countless individuals.

None of GAGA’s work with partner organisations in South Africa and Tanzania would be possible without you. In this section you’ll find a selection of stories from some of those organisations which show how you are contributing to changing lives.

We would like to thank our business supporters: Citadel Risk, Sangobeg and Big Red Recruitment. A special thanks goes to our loyal, regular donors whose generosity enables us to commit to funding projects for a period of time. Not forgetting those who have attended our events, organised & completed their own events or challenges & those who have supported the Remembering Tree initiative.  

 Tilapia Fish Ponds at Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need (KYGN)

Woman and man standing beside a large fish pond        person holding a tilapia fish

One of the biggest priorities of KYGN is to make sure the school has a sustainable future.  This year, your donations funded the creation of one Tilapia fish pond and our friends at Rotary International matched the funding to allow a second pond to be built.

"Thanks to GAGA UK we now have two ponds breeding tilapia which is a staple diet for many Tanzanians.  When we are fully operational we expect to generate sufficient income to fund 12% of our annual costs" Anna Mariah, Director

The results of the Primary 4 state examinations were published in January 2019.  KYGN did exceptionally well, ranking 11th out of 184 schools in the Moshi region; 61st our of 616 schools in the Kilimanjaro region and in the top 12% of schools in all Tanzania. 

You can read more here:Kilimanjaro Young Girls in Need

 1000 Hills Community Helpers

care giver dressing a wound in a patients home

82 out of every 100 South Africans fall outside the medical aid net.  Difficulty in access to healthcare is exacerbated for those in rural areas, particularly women, children and the elderly.  Your donations over 12 months have helped more that 28,000 children and adults access clinic visits, support groups, community outreach, counselling and more at 1000 Hills Community Helpers.

The project leader told us "Our community caregivers provide care and advice for those who cannot reach the clinic, like Mr Sithole. In January 2019 we received an urgent call from a concerned neighbour about a 72 year old gentleman who had a very bad wound on his leg and was in severe pain.  He had not received any medical attention due to him living to far away from any clinic and not having the means for transport.  His elderly wife was trying to assist him by cleaning the wound herself with whatever she had to hand.  The care giver assessed that Mr Sithole had a necrotic leg ulcer and his pain was such that he was unable to walk unaided.  Mr Sithole was carried from his home by two of the 1000 Hills caregivers to the waiting transport and taken to the primary healthcare clinic for assessment and treatment by the volunteer doctor on duty.  On his return home, one of the care givers working in the area was taught to clean and take care of the wound, Mr Sithole was assessed weekly and by the end of March his wound was free of infection and he was well on the way to recovery."

You can read more here: 1000 Hills Community Helpers - Primary Healthcare Clinic

Here's the link to the full 2018/19 GAGA Impact Report